It is located at the south-west of Song-jiang town in Shanghai.It was built in the period of Shunzhi in Qing Dyansty.The plot of the gardening takes the pond as its centre.The three sides surrounding the pond were winding pavillion and attics.One can enjoy the sight against the railing whether in sunny day or raining day.The names of the garden and the pond were given from Su Tongpo's "Zuibai Tan record",the poet's opotimism of which was envied by the owner.It was open to public in 1959 after being repaired and extended.The garden has many ancient trees.On the top of the wall in the pavilion,there are a stone carved with "Yunjiebang Yan picture"and more hundred figures in the art,which is exellent.In 1983,it was extended in constructions of "Shanglu Ting"and"Yulan Yuan".


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